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Client Testimonials

Steve brought a critical skillset, deep experience and a willingness to learn our business at a crucial moment. He has helped the owners understand principles of financial accounting and analysis while providing disciplined monthly reviews. His decades of professional experience and flexible hourly billing structure is a perfect fit for small business with varying CFO needs. Steve is compassionate, ethical, a good listener and able to tell hard truths when needed. Look no further.

“Steve has recreated our accounting records so we have a clear understanding of our monthly statements, and more importantly, of the actual costs to sell our products. With his guidance we are now making meaningful management decisions.”

“Steve Dobrin has been a tremendous asset to the Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club as the CFO for many years.  He is excellent at managing all aspects of our finances … Most importantly, he’s a true collaborator, absolutely trustworthy and provides very good strategic guidance.”

“Steve’s experience and knowledge in the energy industry were essential in gaining access to very creative alternative financing, for the companies in which he was the CFO.  His dedication shined through at every stage.  It was a pleasure working with Steve.”

“For any business of any size and of any sophistication, it always pays to get an outside opinion on critical financial issues. Steve is among the best we’ve worked with and his help developing and defining financial management reports and tools has been huge. Before Steve our 15-year-old business had no relationship with a lender. It was book strap all the way. After Steve we had everything dialed and now have a line of credit based on receivables that makes a seasonal, low-asset business like ours much more manageable. And, when Steve gets involved, he really gets involved. He cares deeply about our success.”

“Steve is a true professional and very impressive in all that he does for Smugglers.”

Honesty & Integrity

Three Mountain Consultants clients consistently recommend us for our honest insight and advice.

Proven Success

CPA Steve Dobrin has more than 25 years of proven success working with Vermont businesses finances.

Speed & Accuracy

We work efficiently without sacrificing the integrity of your financials, which saves you time and money.

Results Based

Our aim to to target high-impact areas to relieve you of management responsibilities and overhead costs.