Hire an On-Demand CFO with Proven Success

CFOs bring a deep and strategic financial perspective that can help companies prepare for the future and optimize their current operations. The problem is that hiring a full time CFO could add significantly greater value, but, may well be an expensive resource. A great alternative is hiring an on-demand CFO who can provide valuable insight without substantially increasing your overhead.

The real question might not be “How long can you survive without a CFO?”, but “How soon will you start benefiting from the contributions of an experienced financial leader? ”

Basic accounting needs can be met with technical training, but the more advanced needs add a strategic component that is best met by someone with extensive business experience. As a result of this, accounting systems and the operational interfaces need to be set up by someone with a strong understanding of the accounting principles. This is the role of a CFO.

Every business owner who has been handed a stack of financial reports by their accountant will tell you that financial reports on their own are frustrating and of little value. In most instances, they actually create greater ambiguity for the owner, and make their job more difficult.

Reports on their own are not the end goal. They are supposed to be a means by which to understand business activity. For example, it’s not enough to know that the ending cash position for the period changed by a certain amount, if you can’t identify which activities drove the change.

As mentioned, reports created for external use serve a different purpose than management reports, which are created for internal use. If they were created for internal use, they are the means by which the business learns about its activities and uncovers opportunities that can be acted upon.

A business is more likely to thrive when reports are generated by an experienced CFO who is skilled at analyzing and interpreting the financial data contained in the reports. This person can identify when standard reports need more details and can create ad hoc analysis when it makes sense. Access to customized reports can be especially helpful during times of uncertainty like the recent global pandemic. As a CFO during the pandemic, Steve helped many business owners by preparing rolling budgets and projected cash flow statements which allowed management to understand their financial condition, and examine what the future financial position may look like.

If these situations are arising in your business, give Steve a call to see if an on-demand CFO will fit your needs. Steve will properly convert the accounting information into meaningful communications for management to use.

Honesty & Integrity

Three Mountain Consultants clients consistently recommend us for our honest insight and advice.

Proven Success

CPA Steve Dobrin has more than 25 years of proven success working with Vermont businesses finances.

Speed & Accuracy

We work efficiently without sacrificing the integrity of your financials, which saves you time and money.

Results Based

Our aim to to target high-impact areas to relieve you of management responsibilities and overhead costs.

What is Business Accounting?

The first step to working with us is to book a no-cost, no-strings-attached meeting where we can provide more information about these services. Business accounting may include:

• Financial planning, reporting, and analysis:

– Are annual projections or budgets in place?
– Are financial results prepared and reviewed on a monthly and annual basis?
– Comparing financial results to previous years (does not account for unforeseen changes).
– If financial results are not measured, these results cannot be managed.
– If the current accounting systems do not properly manage the corporation’s needs, we will recommend and install a system that will create more efficient processes.
– Three Mountain Consultants will help management understand the financial numbers, and the impact of these numbers have on the business.

• P&L Management:

Three Mountain Consultants’ goal is to relieve the company of both the management and overhead costs related to the accounting functions while providing speed, accuracy, and efficiency in tracking the company’s financial position. Three Mountain Consultants can solve individual needs as they arise.

• Staff Training and development:

If you have in-house staff who handle basic bookkeeping tasks, we can train them by suggesting “best practices”, and then add value, by reviewing your financials on a monthly basis, providing you with a timely and accurate picture of your cash flow, profit and balance sheet accounts so you can see where you are and where you are headed.

• Financial Requirements:

We will help management determine what the corporation’s financial needs are, and discuss alternative lenders to approach. Whether it is short term or long term financing, we can help you decide which term is required for your needs, and prepare proper financial reports to present to lending institutions.

• Project Management:

Develop a cost control project budget management report to follow and control all project related revenues and cost.

• Business Development:

Financial perspectives on sales and marketing strategy.

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